Priest Week

It’s priest week on Twitter!  What better week to start my blogging experience than with my favorite World of Warcraft toon!



This is Lyirica, or me, however you would like to look at it.  She is my main everything.  And no, she isn’t named after the medicine for Fibromyalgia…she is named after the type of soprano I am in real life, lyrical.

She’s my only level 90 (I know, I’m a slacker, but I just haven’t had interest in my other toons lately).  She is holy spec’d and will probably always stay that way.  There are just too many disc priests in our raid group for me to bubble the heck out of everything, but I hold my own, most of the time.  I know most priests are pro-disc, but I really enjoy healing as a holy priest.  Divine Star is a pretty kick ass spell for boss encounters where the raid is grouped up and the changes they did to Divine Hymn for 25 man raids made it a viable cool down.  As I have started stacking mastery, my Echo of Light can out heal my circle of healing most of the time (with my fancy new legendary cloak, my overhealing from echo, along with other healing spells, is transferred to a smart heal, when it procs, which makes it even more powerful.)  I have definitely seen an improvement in my overall effective healing since I stacked mastery.  I am not a numbers girl, so you probably won’t see much math associated with my blog…I make my husband do all the number crunching.

Lyirica came about in late WoW Vanilla in 2006, after my husband (boyfriend back then) introduced me to the game.  I created her, because I thought night elves were pretty and I like to keep things alive in most of the other games I played.  So I leveled her alongside Serval, who was a warrior back then.  I think I got to level 50 before Burning Crusade came out and we continued to level right on through to 70.  I joined Sanctuary on LIghtbringer and was there for 6 years.  With them, Serv and I were asked to be main tank and healer for 10-man Karazhan.  Lyirica was holy until the Sunwell was opened and somehow, discipline became a viable healing spec.  I loved disc, with all its bubbles and rapture and such.   We continued these roles with the raid teams until MoP was released and our teams fell apart.  Luckily, we knew some WoW players (from my WTE mommy group) that told us about their guild on Durotan needing raiders and we were eager to start raiding again.  Now we raid with Chi Cerca Trova and I have really enjoyed getting to know all the members of this guild!  I came in as a disc priest and seeing that we had two other amazing disco’s in the raid, I switched to holy after almost 4 years.

I’ve leveled other toons up to 85, but none have ever really caught my interest like my priest has. I am always excited to see what new adventures (or achievements) I can find with Lyirica! I’ve always tried to make it my goal to level an army of healers, just so I could try each type of healing out.  Slowly, my druid is getting to 90, but that’s another blog for another day.



PS:  I’ll have some of this tier gear, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave it as is!  Worst priest tier look ever!  You’ll find me at the local transmogrifier when I acquire the tokens!